The Hurricane’s story spans over 20 years with the first Sydney steakhouse opening in 1995. Famous for flame grilled steaks and ribs, Hurricane’s Grill is a well-known brand and loved by many from around the world. One can simply ‘follow their nose’ with the famous aroma of the secret basting sauce that invites every customer to our restaurants.


Our menu combines premium quality Australian produce from the sea as well as the land, plus our unique grilling style and the flavours & spices influenced from multiple cultures from around the world creates a well-rounded menu offering customers meals they can fall in love with.


Hurricane’s Grill was established in 1994 in Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach.

Hurricane’s Grill was styled similar to the typical South African steakhouse of which Craig Goldberg, co-founder and owner of Hurricanes Corporate was born into. It was in fact Craig’s father who developed the basting sauce that you all know and have come love.

Steaks & Ribs are and continue to be our speciality but it’s the secret sauce and unique cooking methods which continue to draw in the crowds. For over 23 years Australian pork ribs have been our signature dish and remain the prime reason Hurricanes grill is still a destination restaurant. We are committed to using only premium Australian produce and 100% NSA approved beef products.

Craig is the owner, operator of four premium locations throughout Sydney and now has expanded Hurricane’s Grills to the sunny shore of Perth. Craig has also been instrumental in bringing Hurricanes unique flavours to Jakarta, Indonesia. Our reputation as a restaurant where one can be assured of quality food and service, in a relaxed atmosphere has been a testament of Craig’s commitment and vision of the brand.

From its humble beginning s with a single restaurant in Bondi Beach to its current position as a global steakhouse leader, Hurricanes serves over 5000 customers a week and continues to grow…


Our goal is to provide a high level of service our customers have come to expect, while always striving to serve dishes that are delicious using the best quality produce and ingredients available. Hurricane’s signature is that all ingredients are premium quality. 

Today, Hurricane’s Grill restaurants are located in Sydney’s iconic locations: Darling Harbour; Circular Quay; Brighton Le Sands as well as Perth’s famous Hillary’s Boat Harbour.

Hurricane’s Grill Takeaway store better known as Hurricanes Express is located in Chatswood.

Two international restaurants that are located in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Make a reservation today and come and experience incredible food loved by many.

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